Glenmore Hane gets sharper still.

August 2018

Sharper cut

We've just got another 0.06mm sharper than we already were. Our new AMADA LCG-3015AJ fibre laser machine investment is now firmly bedded in and working hard, cutting 3 x 1.5m metal sheets with ±0.01mm position repeatability – a remarkable piece of technical precision machinery. As a result of our technical investment we are able to provide an even finer limit – sheet metal fabrication service at greater capacity than ever before.
Read more about our laser cutting capability and other services here.

Sharper look

Our Glenmore Hane logo has been updated, and whilst we're still officially 'Glenmore Hane Group Ltd.' we've shortened the logo to 'Glenmore Hane' – it's quicker, sharper, and less of a mouthful. Welded to our traditional red and black brand colours we now have a 'stronger industrial' typeface and our logo reflects our precision. We're looking forward to seeing the rest of our branded items updated with the new sharper look in the coming months.


Sharper online

Our online presence was due a review and overhaul, we needed a website that was more relevant, more useful and more helpful for our customers. So we’ve updated it with a cleaner breakdown of all the services and processes we provide, from machine and process specifications to product enquiry requirements. We’ve added examples of work we’ve recently produced at various stages of the product life cycle and our 'Enquiry Ready?' buttons take customers through to the new project enquiry page where product details, drawings and specifications can be easily uploaded. You can expect updates throughout the year and we'll keep you in touch via (GDPR compliant √) email notifications when you sign-up for our news posts here, and you can connect or follow us via LinkedIn and Instagram now.

Sharper future

Some might be more cautious in the current climate with Brexit on the horizon, but we are future focused on British manufacturing, continuing our investment, dedicated to attracting talented staff and growing our business. We are here to support our customers, manufacturing parts of the great products they create here in the UK.

About Glenmore Hane

Specifically positioned on the M4 corridor with fantastic links to the rest of the country, Glenmore Hane design, fabricate and finish high quality sheet metal components for the UK. We are fully qualified to work to ISO9001:2015 management standards ensuring reliable and quality controlled production output on demand and on time. If you have a new project or existing production line, you can either send it direct through our website enquiry page, and/or call us on 01753 528884 we'd be happy to take a sharp look at it.

Glenmore Hane, July 2018

Contact: Mark Hall on 01753 528884

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