Press Brake!

One of Wiener’s Laws of aviation and human error states “digital devices tune out small errors while creating opportunities for large errors”. At Glenmore Hane, staff are specifically 'hands-on' following and observing projects through each sheet metal fabrication process, regardless of the quality control stages. We still believe that getting the balance right with automation in fabrication is a judgement call, because now in 2019 the human brain is yet to be bettered by a computer. It can beat Gary Kasparov at chess, but we are still better at what's called parallel processing – i.e. we see the error in "spell chequer".

We're assured Industry 4.0 is on the way but to do what we do best today it's experienced, knowledgeable staff and diligent processes that ensures the quality of our fine-limit/precision sheet metal fabrication. For example, we might need to fabricate a few thousand sheet metal brackets, a small batch of metal enclosures, turn around a precise component fabrication in tens, and get a single prototype squeezed somewhere in between. And then on to the finishing processes we provide e.g. anodising in-house here in Slough.

Press On!

So we bought another and larger sheet metal brake press with Automatic Tool Changer for a (very quick) hand with the tool setup, this is a real automation advantage that our sheet metal folding and bend operators embrace. At 4.3m long it can set up 4–5 different forming stations or setups in a matter of minutes, compared to a manual setup that can take 45 minutes plus. It has a large tool library too, with 18 punches and 25 dies that can be deployed in both normal and reverse orientation. This is huge in terms of flexibility and production throughput, as many processes per component can be carried out in just one pass. Setups can include sheetmetal bends, folds, curls, hemming, Dutch hems, indenting, punches and the foot pedal follows the operator along as they go – clever. With this flexibility and speed, we can be running a long batch run, switch setup to get a quick prototype done (in the time it takes to boil the kettle) and get back on to the long run without losing momentum.

It's powerful too – 220 tons of power, which is the equivalent of Statue of Liberty herself stepping on it, with 0.001mm positioning accuracy, 0.25° bend accuracy and a 4 micron repeatability rate, this lady is super precise across the entire 4.3m width beam. The incredible precision is facilitated by what's called 'linear encoders' – sensors that compensate for material spring back and control dynamic hydraulic crowning so you get the same pressure all the way along the machine. The interface screen simulates the sequencing in 3D, does all the maths and calculates the sensor feedback measurements (it knows how the metal is behaving, highlights it and adjusts accordingly).

And it can also bend and form sheet plastics – brackets, cases, enclosures, boxes and components in mixed media. This new edition to our sheet metal fabrication plant is Amada's largest automatic tool changing press brake the HG 2204 + ATC which joins our existing Amada HG 1003 + ATC. We've also increased power and doubled the shifts in the sheet metal finishing and anodising department here in Slough. Here's the link to our plant list.

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About us

Glenmore Hane remains committed to provide fine-limit sheet metal services by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who can advise on test-proven production techniques as well as environmentally sound solutions. Specifically positioned on the M4 corridor with fantastic links across the UK. Glenmore Hane design, fabricate and finish high quality sheet metal components, fully qualified to work to ISO9001:2015 standards ensuring reliable and quality controlled production output on demand and on time. So if you need precision sheet-metal protoypes and or short run sheet metal fabrication – either send it direct through our website enquiry page, or contact Mark Hall on 01753 528884

We are actively seeking sheet metal fabricators alongside investing in equipment and tooling. Increasing production capacity because our sheet metal fabrication is clearly speaking for itself. Please look through the rest of our website to see examples of our work and contact us for any specific details required.

Glenmore Hane, 2019