Sheet plastic, cut and cold bending

We've got a side hustle – cutting and folding plastic. We cut 0.762 – 3mm plastic sheet to shape through our AMADA LC-2515 C1AJ and fold on any of our three Amada press brakes. Our machines will cut and fold sheet sizes up to 3000mm, but typically supplied sheets arrive at 2440 x 1220mm, depending on the brand.


As far as we need to know, some of our plastic projects are used as internal isolation covers protecting connections? 'Mum's the word' at Glenmore Hane – often we haven't a clue what we're making, but we make it very well none the less. One of the popular plastics specified provides UV protection, has a service temperature of -50ºC to 100ºC and is described as 'ultra-high impact resistant and virtually unbreakable'. Although we haven't put this entirely to the test, we have manufacturer specification sheets. Surprisingly it has very good ink adhesion for digital print which could prove useful for overlays, framed displays, guards, masks, protection shields, screens, isolation/insulation covers and trim details.

To find out more about precision sheet plastic fabrication…

send your project details which can include drawing uploads, to us directly via our website enquiry form, or by email or enquire by telephone on 01753 528884

Glenmore Hane, 2020