Fast, precise prototyping
and a small elephant.

The newest edition to our arsenal of machinery brings us further flexibility, this 400kN, mini (1.m wide beam) press brake allows us to quickly 'bend a piece up' right now without waiting or queuing our other mainstream machines; the HG2204 ATC, HG1003 ATC or others. They're great but now if we need to quickly test a bend and fold process to specify a production run – that's where the new Amada EG-4010 fits right in. It very much compliments our press-brake line-up, able to knock through batch production runs as perfectly as our other machines albeit on a shorter work-station beam, which for some jobs is just fine. Brand new out of the box, this latest machine from Amada is as they describe it – "the smart solution for manufacturing small sheet metal parts that require a high degree of precision".

Here the images show us quickly folding up the GH safari jeep for example, a swift demonstration for clients to witness first hand the precision bending part of fabrication process. There are many ways to fold a box, this machine guides tool set up, position and the 'windows' (the gaps between for material movement) to avoid clashing.

An electronic dual-servo press brake that is precise and quick, weighs the same as one small elephant but can push ten times more than a large one.

About us

Glenmore Hane remains committed to provide fine-limit sheet metal services by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who can advise on test-proven production techniques as well as environmentally sound solutions. Specifically positioned on the M4 corridor with fantastic links across the UK. Glenmore Hane design, fabricate sheet- and finish high-quality metal components. Fully qualified to ISO9001:2015 standards ensuring reliable and quality controlled production output on demand and on time. If you need precision sheet-metal prototypes or short run sheet metal fabrication and/or finishing – either send it direct through our website enquiry page, or contact Mark Hall on 01753 528884

Glenmore Hane, 2019