Proud to be a part

With everything that's going on, I'll keep this one short – just last week we started fabricating and finishing parts for the 15,000 ventilators for the NHS. We are proud to be a part of the incredible Ventilator Challenge UK combining efforts to get the ventilators on hospital wards this week, and first arrived yesterday.

Whilst proud we also know we are lucky – many others put their hand up and their name down to help, but it's not over. There is a worldwide shortage of ventilators, and other equipment, so with the very high UK medical regulatory criteria for MHRA approval, there could be global demand.

We are part of the much larger effort that includes everybody —
here's to the amazing NHS and all staff fighting on the fronts, here's to those making medical supplies, and here's to all of you staying at home.

We're in this together, it's working, and together we will overcome.
Stay safe.

Our part

Precision laser cutting stainless steel sheet, folded to shape, and sheet aluminium parts laser-cut, grained and anodised, all packed and delivered to the next process location. It's right up our street and we are focussed on the 54,000 parts that are our responsibility. We're shipping faster than promised with precision and purpose, we are determined.


we continue to work to guidelines as diligently as possible with those who can working from home, workshop space isolation and staff distance separation. We are working shifts to make and finish ventilator parts, honour all our other client orders, keep the operation running, and in doing so, help keep the economy moving. We are on schedule and open for new business – if you have any sheet metal fabricating or finishing requirements – contact us.

Glenmore Hane, 2020

About us

We have medical and pharmaceutical equipment fabrication and finishing experience. Glenmore Hane is committed to provide fine-limit sheet metal services by experienced and knowledgeable staff who can advise on production techniques, prototyping, batch processing and environmentally sound solutions. ISO9001:2015 standards ensure reliable and quality-controlled production on-demand and on-time.

When you need precision sheet metal fabrication and/or finishing you can send it direct through our website enquiry form and/or telephone 01753 528884