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Aside everything else going on in the world today it might seem that Brexit still hangs over the economy when it comes to manufacturing in the UK. However, did you know that we have climbed to eighth in the world rankings, recently overtaking France. The Manufacturer magazine states the manufacturing sector contributed £224 billion to the economy in 2022, with the US being our biggest export market at this moment.

Manufacturing accounts for 10% of total UK GDP and the government has set sights on getting this up to 15%. Interestingly the UK is equivalent to just 0.84% of the world's population but our contribution to manufacturing is 1.8% of the world market.

We're not producing corrugated iron panels, wheel barrows and tin toys, so much as the UK develops and makes cars, summits R&D areas in pharmaceuticals and medicine, wins in defence, takes to the air and goes to space. The UK is going places, cracking away and carrying on.

How Glenmore Hane can help you

We have a few things to contribute to more efficient manufacturing you should know about.

A. Manufacturing time precision calculated.

Our production processes are calculated to within 30 second slots. When a new project is estimated we rely on our experience and our systems calculator. When a job is running we can measure the real-time production processes, down to second by second and minute by minute slots. This means we can provide a production time cost figure (at our quality standards). Ask us for a test run and we'll fine tune the price to the minute.

B. Order long term.

We find many customers order in batches, often on demand. Of course this works, however organising your production requirements for the whole year brings benefits. We can order more stock initially at a better price (metal is heavy to transport). We'll get your initial order made and delivered, then we can be making the rest of your long term orders as we go along and over night shifts. We'll deliver to the periodic time scales as arranged but, we'll also able to supply more if your demand suddenly increases. Flexibility and cost savings for you and us.

C. No one is better equipped than us.

For many this is well-known but some of you don't know we have fabrication and finishing here, both on-site in Slough. Our plant list contains some of the best equipment available nationwide with some of the best operators on them. So if you're only running one process with us, ask us about complete fabrication and finishing quotations. Ironically our fabrication and finishing departments are about nine yards apart.

What do you need, and how can we help?


Glenmore Hane –

We design, sheet fabricate and finish high quality metal components, and plastic. We are skilled metalworkers, craftsmen and engineers with ISO9001 qualified management standards, ensuring quality controlled production on demand and on time. If you have a new project or existing production line, either send it direct through our website enquiry form, and/or call David or John and we'll be happy to take a sharp look at it.

Contact David Neale or John Glenn on 01753 528884