Fine-limit finishing – small batch specialists

We have one of the finest finishing setups in the UK – it's not the biggest, but it is equipped with hi-tech kit other companies can be jealous of. Operating our finishing plant are specialists, some of whom have over 30 years of metal plating and finishing experience. Does it get any better?

Also we'll do small batch runs, down to precision finishing a single item to exacting standards. We are not about how many we finish – our goal is all about the best we can finish.

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Reference our Guide to Aluminium Anodising.

About us

Glenmore Hane remains committed to provide fine-limit sheet metal services by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who can advise on production techniques as well as environmentally sound solutions. We fully qualified to ISO9001:2015 standards ensuring reliable and quality-controlled production on demand and on time. If you need precision sheet-metal protoypes, short or batch-run sheet metal fabrication and/or finishing – either send it direct through our website enquiry form, or telephone 01753 528884

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